Eugene Weekly - July 2018

Pirates back in the day weren’t too child friendly. I’m guessing a pirate ship still isn’t a kid-friendly place. Urban Lumber Co. is changing that, though. Springfield-based company created a pirate ship for the Adventure! Children’s Museum’s Grand Opening Celebration. It took the lumber company 12 days to build the ship — by hand — with owner Seth San Filippo taking the helm to design the project. The wood for the project is local. The pirate ship is made of sustainably salvaged live edge cedar planks from a tree that once grew on Oakway Road. After the tree was declared a safety hazard, Urban Lumber salvaged the wood. The pirate ship is just one of many new exhibits the Adventure! Children’s Museum will feature. Other new exhibits featured in the grand opening of the expansion space includes an expansion of a Shakespearian Globe Theatre, visits to some highlights of Japan and United Kingdom and a U.S. railroad map. The Adventure! Expansion Grand Opening Celebration will be a benefit to raise money so the museum can remodel. It runs 5 to 9 pm Thursday, July 19, at Adventure Children’s Museum, located at 490 Valley River Center. Admission is $1. — Henry Houston

Nick Rusnock