Working in cooperation with city municipalities, neighborhoods, and homeowners of the Eugene metropolitan area, we strive to meet our goal of keeping valuable natural resources out of landfills. The lumber that is salvaged, reclaimed and sustainably harvested is defined by the beautiful character of our local hardwoods and carries with them the important legacy and story of sustainability of our urban forests.  


we MILL.

After the trees are salvaged they are taken to our mill in Springfield, Oregon where we specialize in creating one of a kind large natural edge slabs and fine handcrafted furniture. With one of the largest custom-built saws in the nation, we have the ability to cut slabs up to 6 feet wide which gives us the capacity to make the best cuts while enhancing the personal character of each individual log.

we KILN.

After our logs are milled we take them to our in house kiln where each slab is dried according to its size and species. The benefit of kiln drying is our controlled environment and rigorous testing giving us a higher quality end product. The process also ensures bugs and insects are killed during the drying process making the natural lumber less likely to have distortion, staining or stresses like warping and bowing.


Our final step is our personal dedication to an unparalleled standard of craftsmanship with owner Seth SanFilippo and his team of experienced artisans, craftsman and in house metal fabricators. Seth works closely with each project ensuring the process is seamless and truly the best fit for each individual clients needs and style.