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Frequently asked questions

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Scroll through our most common inquires, please contact us if none of these help with your question

tele: 541.762.2256 | Email: Sales@urbanlumbercompany.com 

+ Can I take a tour of the shop?

Our location at the historic Booth Kelly Mill site is a great place for a tour. In general, we can give tours while the shop is open, although it's always good to call ahead to ensure that we are available. - We also host school and organization tours upon appointment.

+ Will you build furniture with my own wood/material?

Yes, we can utilize your own wood to create furniture. However, the wood will need to be dried to between 8-12% and will not be covered in our warranty. The cost to build a piece with your own material usually reduces the overall cost by approximately 1/3, depending on the material.

+ Do you sell bases only?

Yes, any of our bases may be custom made separately.

+ Do you refinish furniture?

We do offer refinishing services for furniture we have created. However, we do not refinish furniture other than our own line.

+ What kind of upkeep do I need to do on my furniture?

The upkeep of your reclaimed product simply requires a damp cloth to remove spills or debris, quickly followed by a dry cloth to remove all residual moisture on the surface. Refinishing of the surface is not necessary. We recommend the use of a natural polish with citrus oil and bee’s wax as needed or annually to maintain luster.

  • clean with caution - petroleum based surface cleaners will damage the finish.

+ How much does it cost to ship my furniture?

We are currently offering free shipping on all online orders across the USA. The price of custom freight varies depending on your furniture dimensions and region. Once you provide your address an exact shipping charge can be calculated.

+ Will Urban Lumber salvage my tree?

Since every tree is unique, so each situation is evaluated by an individual assessment. In general, if you have a hardwood tree that is over 30” in diameter we would be interested in seeing photos. Feel free to send over your information to sales@urbanlumbercompany.com. Please note that Urban Lumber does not actually fell any trees, but we can provide a list of trusted arborists that we work with regularly. We generally do not travel outside of Lane County for trees.

+ Do you sell raw slabs/wood?

We are offering finished pieces and slabs of lumber with our eco-friendly varnish without bases or hardware, but we are not selling any raw material at this time.

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Our show room

Booth Kelly Mill 

303 South 5th st. Suite #127
Springfield, OR 97477


We are readily available to meet for private appointments.



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